Billy Piper first played Rose in Doctor Who in 2015 (Photos: BBC).

Billy Piper completely reconsidered her career when she joined the medical profession exactly 15 years ago, now at the BBC.

And she hasn’t forgotten!

In fact, the actress celebrated the event by honouring her iconic character on social networks in the early evening.

The star came to Instagram to think about his time on the show and also to thank Doctor Who, who writes to veteran Russell T. Davis.

Amidst all the things I forgot to say and encourage me and wish me a happy birthday, the star wrote and placed a photo of the former doctor’s assistant.

Rose and the Doctor, who resumed at three this afternoon. I love all of you fans, she added.

You’ve changed my life positively forever, just like you @russelltdavies63 and you #rosetyler.

There was a scream on YouTube today when Russell shared a video he’d never seen on YouTube with Doctor Who is associated with Rose.

Have fun!

Billy – who will appear in the sand drama Hate Susie later this year – became famous as a pop star in the 90s.

Doctor Who are Christopher Ecclestone and Rose?

Billy starred with Christopher Eccleston in The Doctor Who (Photo: BBC).

She left music to start her acting career in successful shows like Secret Diaries of a Call Girl and Penny Dreadful.

She was once married to the actor Lawrence Fox.

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(Yeah, it’s called celebrity challenge time).

They have two children together: Winston, 11, and Eugene, 7.

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