Online food delivery – the best light on the economic darkness caused by the coronavirus pandemic – is likely to hit the capital hard after the news of a positive test result from a pizza delivery boy in southern Delhi rang the alarm bell.

A total of 89 people were quarantined following the release on 14 March of a 19-year-old delivery boy from a restaurant in Nagar, Malaysia. April had tested positive for the virus. Many inhabitants of Delges woke up on Thursday after an avalanche of news from WhatsApp and strongly discouraged them from ordering more food from outside the city.

Our territory is largely an open colony, so we can’t control everyone who comes. We have distributed excerpts from the WhatsApp newsgroups with a message: Bhai, dead Dane Gar ka bana hai ha lo. Fizool Basic Quarantine Tone ka koi faida nahi hai (Please only eat home cooked food for a few days, so quarantine is not recommended), BS Vohr, East Delhi RWAs United Front for PTI.

We’ve been talking about this message in RWA WhatsApp since the morning, but we don’t know how to prevent it. Maybe the government can take some action or at least give us instructions to do something, he said.

IT’S STILL READABLE: The tests of the pizza suppliers are positive, with more than 80 of them quarantined in South Delhi.

Although many people turned away after the announcement of the blockade of the 24. While we had already said goodbye to the idea of eating on the street in March, others couldn’t resist the temptation to have lunch in a restaurant for at least a couple of days. My daughter is a great gourmet. She bothered me every time I went to order a mommy or a hamburger. I’ve often tried to seduce them with homemade snacks. But it doesn’t always work. There were days when we ordered food online. When I learned today that a maternity drug had been infected, I made it clear to my daughter that we wouldn’t order online from now on. She understood and accepted, said Vandana Tapa, a housewife in her forties.


Suppliers of Swiggy food groups are waiting on the side of the road during a national blockade due to a coronavirus pandemic. ITP

Faced with the seriousness of the situation and out of fear of rushing to order online, food trading platforms and several restaurants turned to their customers to assure them of all the precautions ultimately taken for their safety and well-being.

Zomato, an online service platform where the delivery service of a partner restaurant was positive during the incident, said that they continuously train their delivery partners in safety and hygiene and also provide them with masks. Fifty thousand restaurants, covering most of our order volume, have installed manual disinfection stations for delivery partners. At the moment we continue to improve our safety practices, according to the representative of Zomato at the ITP.

Wednesday’s Food Delivery Platform introduced a new safety feature that allows users to see the delivery partner’s body temperature in their application.

However, they recognise that, despite all efforts, the provision of basic services such as food and household purchases cannot be without risk. Customers should be aware of the risks and be careful with the packaging when they have something delivered to their home, he added.

Giant Domino Pizza or restaurants such as The Baker’s Dozen, Out The Blue and Deli By The Blue have also reassured their customers by listing all security measures. We have understood this situation and have taken important measures for our employees and managers, forcing them to remain in quarantine at Le Sutra Hotel to ensure maximum care and cleanliness, said Rahul Bajaj, director and designer of Out Of The Blue and Deli By The Blue.

However, many restaurant owners are afraid that this incident could further jeopardise the activities of the food industry.

According to the founder of Ghost Kitchen, Karan Tanna, the number of people ordering food online will drop by more than 50 percent. The sector has already experienced a sharp decline due to the spread of the coronavirus. Anurag Katriar, president of the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), also took note of the event and confirmed some of the consequences of the incident for consumer awareness.

Katyar, however, used the analogy that, like paramedics, anyone who works from scratch can get the virus, and is no different from the carrier.

Ideally, if the medical service does not suffer from an infection of its staff, the incident should not affect the delivery to the restaurant, but in people’s minds the nature of the two services is different, and rightly so. We have been very insistent in our advice to restaurants, which was confirmed last night, that they should maintain the strictest hygiene in both service and goods, he added.

The coronavirus infected more than 12,300 people and killed at least 400.