Fangoria lost to Joe Bob Briggs, Barbara Crampton and numerous podcasts and supporters in the recent scandal of sexual abuse in horror films. In addition, Fangoria is now looking for a new buyer to continue the successful recovery that began two years ago.

This week everything went back to normal as The Daily Beast’s revelation about Cinestate producer Adam Donaghy spread through the film community like wildfire. Donaghy was arrested in 2017 for the rape of a 16-year-old girl and stories of his sexual misconduct were told behind the scenes for years. When I arrived on the set, I was warned about Adam Donaghy, the filmmaker says. I was told it was Harvey Weinstein from Dallas.

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But it all went beyond Adam Donaghy’s original trick. Cinestate founder Dallas Sonia and producer Amanda Presmyk are said to have turned a blind eye to many women’s accusations against Donaghey, even with sound recordings (which can be heard in The Daily Beast). Both would have denied having ever been aware of the existence of the sound recordings, having received or offered them. More than a dozen people reportedly came to Sonia and Presmyk with accusations, but none of them left. Horror icon Joe Bob Briggs decided it was best to say goodbye. He should have said it on social media.

Because of the revelations in Cinestate and their inability to confess and settle everything, I think I should fire both Fangoria and Rebel. Sad on several levels, including the end of Fango’s miraculous comeback and the fall of a TX-based film company.

In addition, tons of podcasts were thrown off the ship yesterday, which have recently been added to the Fangoria podcast network. After his death with Mick Garris, Nightmare on Movie Street, Tin Crypt Movie, Nightmare Friday, Nightmare University and Bloomhouse Shock Waves are no longer part of the Fangoria victim support show.

Fangoria is an institution of horror and was resurrected by Cinestate in 2018, much to the delight of horror fans around the world. When the news was first published this week, Fangoria decided to continue working with Cinestate because it seemed they were making changes behind the scenes. However, a lot has changed since their first statement and they are now looking for new owners to continue their activities. It’s still unclear where Fangoria will be next.

If the accusation of sexual misconduct is not enough, the synesthesiologist is also accused of unsafe working conditions. Brittany Ingram worked as a designer for Cinestate’s Puppet Master in 2017 and says she is happy to revive her childhood cult favorite. But everything became a nightmare. My experience with Cinestate was far from perfect, in fact it was quite dangerous, she says and explains that the shooting days took an average of 15-16 hours and the production was not well prepared. Ingram says she was also ordered to build a compound that could hurt people.

Cinestate was founded in 2016 by Dallas Saunier to produce populist entertainment for Donald Trump fans. The Bone Tomahawk, The Fight in Cell 99, The Retreat by Sparrow Creek and Tugged Through Concrete are the four films they have produced so far, all of which have been very well received by critics. says Saunier : If we can make a film that doesn’t treat them like losers, or ask them how they dare to vote in a certain way, or treat them indulgently, they will of course react positively when they talk about the goals of Cinetazate. Other sources for this story are Dread Central and IndieWire.

Status update @FANGORIA and @bmoviesd.

– Phil Nobile Jr. (@PhilNobileJr.) 10. June 2020.

Because of the revelations in @Cinestate and their inability to admit and correct everything, I think I should resign from both @FANGORIA and @REBELLER. Sad on several levels, including the end of Fango’s miraculous comeback and the fall of a TX-based film company.

– Joe Bob Briggs (@therealjoebob) 9. June 2020.

Respect and admiration for @PhilNobileJr and @[email protected], but since I am currently the owner of @CINESTATE, I cannot continue my column. I’m shocked at every reading of the parent company’s actions and apologies. They’re gone. I quit.

– Barbara Crampton (@baracrampton) 9. June 2020.

Explanation of Fango and @bmoviesd. Read them and let us know if you agree with them.


A note to our fans about the future of Post Mortem. We’re going to be in the dark for a while while while we evaluate our next steps.

– Mick Garris and Podcast After Death (@MickGarrisPM) 9. June 2020.

The nightmarish podcast on Film Road is no longer part of the Fangoria network. The following statements.

– a nightmare in a street theater. (@NOFSpodcast) 9. June 2020

The @blumhouse SHOCK WAVES podcast will distance itself from the @Fangoria podcast network and will operate independently again. New episodes will start soon.

– 7. Shock waves (@ShockWavesPod) June 2020.

Dallas Sonia from Indiewire today. I’ve never locked anyone up in my entire career.

Dallas Sonnier, after I charged him with hiring a sex offender. You gave me your word we will speak with confidence

– Josh Goldblum (@cinepocalypse) 9. June 2020.

The University Nightmare podcast is leaving the Fangoria podcast network. We’ll be back soon with more episodes. In the meantime, we will post new episodes on our Patreon page. We still have things like this to see!

– 8. University of Terror (@NightmareUPod) June 2020.

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