90-Day Fiancee really grew up as Michael Jessen’s ex-wife, Sarah, in season seven of the series. They applauded the way she raised her dear children, Cece and Max. They also appreciate the fact that Michael married Juliana. Actually, she took Julianne to her wedding dress. In fact, they both say in their current facilities that they get along very well with each other. A few days ago she said she had a mammogram and found a lump. But on Friday they found out that the disease was invasive and that they needed extra surgery and treatment.

Many fans support her with love and prayers on her instagram.

Sarah, ex-Michael Jessen on 90. Engaged for the rest of her life, she has breast cancer of.

A few days ago, Sarah went to Instagram and told me about her mammography. In its first communication of the 9th. She announced the month of March: Get your annual mammography! Early detection saves lives! He did mine! On Friday she showed on the news that she wasn’t home and that she wasn’t dehydrated yet. It seems that despite the fact that they apparently took it early, other operations and treatments are in progress.

Sarah’s latest message to the fans of the 90-day-old fiancée says more about it. She said in the card that she appreciated all the loving support. She also noted the disturbing news that the pathology of the lumpectomy, which indicates that the cancer is no longer present, is now an invasive form. Sarah said that means her lymph nodes will be removed next Thursday. It is only after this operation that the doctors decide on their treatment.

Sarah asked people to continue to support her in prayer and encouraged people to think about mammograms.

Many fans of the 90-day groom increase their support and prayers

In their last message, many fans said they were very worried and continued to pray for her and her family. Some fans told him that:

  • Definitely a lot of good thoughts and prayers.
  • Mommy! Mommy! We’ve got you covered. [Pray]
  • Oh, my God! !! It’s a disgrace. Pray to get you up. Your children and your support group will help you. They are strong and selfless.
  • to keep you and your family in my prayers.
  • Omg Omg They’re in my family’s prayers. You can do it, be strong!
  • And with that, the prayers are also passed on to you and your family! A positive psychiatric body – you’ve got it!
  • So much love and support for the most worthy example of grace and love.

Maxwell Jessen loves his mother’s job at.

Maxwell loved his mother’s work when he was a teenager, and it shows how much he cared for her.

The fans love him and Cece, and some of them think they’re really good kids. But, wise or not, she’s still his mother and probably very exciting. His father Michael, as well as the parents of the children and of course on television, he and his ex-wife Sarah seem to be in as good a position as divorced people. He probably also shares a very great concern for her.

All 90-day brides can do this now and keep it on their prayer list until hopefully she is fully recovered.

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