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The Los Angeles Clippers are the team that will win the Western Conference, at least in the article. Yeah, the Los Angeles Lakers are probably gonna win first place. But that doesn’t mean anything, given the advantage of the field, it doesn’t matter this year.

Doc Rivers will finally have a lot of opportunities to see Kavi Leonard and Paul George fully relax and train together. There will be no more tax management, and such a team is a terrible idea for the rest of the competition.

But this time the Clippers shouldn’t take any risks. They have the best chance in the history of the franchise system to finally reach the NBA finals and win the first championship in history. Now that the league allows the teams to add reinforcements, let’s take a look at the 5 guys they have to count even better when the season starts again:

Corey Brewery

Via Getty

Corey Brewer hasn’t played in the league for over a year, but he has repeatedly expressed a desire to return to the league. It is an inexhaustible source of energy from the reserve bench and the excellent protection of the backyard would be very useful for them.

The brewer didn’t have to score with Lou Williams and Montrell Harrell at his side, so he could only concentrate on stopping and harassing the best striker on the other side. With his addition, they would of course form an even scarier defense team.

CJ Miles

Credit : Getty Pictures

C.J. Miles was fired by the Wizards of Washington, and he’s not the youngest player you’d find in a free agency. Clippers, however, can use another threat to score from an arc, and in this respect it is just as good as they are.

Miles can also be obtained from the bank at special rates for three. He is a 35.8% career archer, and not so long ago he was considered one of the top specialists in the competition. At this stage of his career he is an actor in one dimension, but they only need him for one job.

Jamal Crawford

(via CBS Sport)

We’ve all seen Jamal Crawford at his best under Doc Rivers. He’s just too good to leave the league, regardless of his age, and must have a chance to win the NBA Championship before he can retire from competitive basketball.

Crawford may not be necessary because Lou Williams and Reggie Jackson are already attacking on the bench, but your team never has too many players with too many points. This guy’s a walking bucket, and he can still clump, they know that.

Gerald Green

Gerald Greene played for the Houston Rockets before sustaining a leg injury that ended his relationship with his home team. He should have been suspended for 6 months, so he should have fully recovered by the time the season resumed.

Green is an inexhaustible source of energy. He will never be surpassed, because he always wants to put on a show and get people on their feet. It’s also a striped shooter, which can warm up in a very short time from a three-point area, so it fits perfectly into your system.

Nephews and nieces of DeMarcus

DeMarcus’ cousins would have been happy and grateful for the way the Lakers treated him during the rehabilitation process. However, he could have tried to avenge their early departure this season by joining their urban rivals and winning the NBA Championship.

Cousins are currently the least risky and most visible pickup for any opponent in the league. They can make it easier for him to return to the game and convince him to stay longer in the team. In addition, Montrell Harrell will use a free agency next season, making it an excellent insurance policy.



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